Customer Testimonials

Some  feedback of my most recent clients, reputation earned by delivering real value is key.

Working with you has been a real joy, your knowledge and expertise have been invaluable to the success of the project. Your leadership has shone through as you assisted and guided the rest of the team. Your positive attitude and willingness to find simple solutions to complex problems has been a key asset during challenging times. I  hope we have further opportunities to work together in the future.

 Jill Cowie, Product Owner (Intermediary Enablement Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) Limited)

Marius has been an awesome source of information and technical insight. His solutions promote innovation, efficiency and encourage personal growth and insight for those who interact with his work. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and that is evident in the fact that I have grown as a developer through interacting with him and just feeding off his wealth of knowledge which he is very willing to share. I cannot reiterate enough how much of a pleasure it is working with him and can only hope to work with him more as it can only be a positive for anyone that aspires to achieve success in fields that benefit from his skill set and the human being himself...

Mutende Msiska, Analyst Programmer (CC Solution Delivery, Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) Limited)

I've had the pleasure of working with Marius on the Old Mutual OFP project. What an incredible guy. Well versed on both Front-End (Angular) and Back-End (Java) technologies. I would definitely work with him more given the opportunity. He joined the project hitting the ground running & sprinting I must say. To top it off he's a people person. He got along with everyone in the team. It was great working with you man. Keep up the good work...

Siphiwo "Speech" Mndana, Java Team Lead (Deloitte Digital)

It was a pleasure working with Jill's team where forward thinking was the culture promoted to build the client's next digital strategy. 

Technology used

  • Angular 4 with TypeScript (transpiled to JavaScript)
  • Sass, Materialize and Angular Material for UX rendering and theming.
  • Java 8 with Spring Framework integrating to internal systems.
  • SonarLint (code quality checks)
  • Maven, Jasmine and JUnit
  • CompoDoc (to generate documentation from JDoc method comments as part of handover to internal business as usual analyst programmer team)
  • TFS (Build Server and deployment to client's environment which is a Microsoft tech landscape)

Marius has incredible depth of knowledge in software development, architecture and processes. Name any technical topic and he could give you an in-depth lecture on it. Not only is his theoretical base of understanding extremely sound, but he also has extensive experience and a myriad of ideas on implementation and problem-solving. He is the type of person who never gives up until a problem is solved. He is highly self-disciplined, resilient under pressure and very adaptable to project situations that, in the business world, can range from dire to awkward. On top of that, he is a very friendly and helpful person to work with. Any company would be extremely fortunate to have Marius lead their team into the 21st century.

 Robert Laniewsky, Senior Java EE Developer

This was my first iPhone app to have programmed and Marius did a fantastic job. It took a little longer than was planned due to some technical requirements that came up, but Marius solved for them. He even suggested a few UI issues that made the end product even better than I hoped. I will definitely use Marius again. You can see the app he did at

Mike Hall, CEO (MJH Apps)

Marius provides an exceptional service. He knows his development platforms and provides schedule information ahead of time with deliverables. The price is amazing, the work is exceptional the talent is unbelievable. I am already working with him on our next project together. He will always be on top of my list when it comes to development work. Excellent job and great professionalism.

Client on

I will be using this service provider again. He has good communications skills and was willing to work with my programmer in the USA to resolve programming issues.

by Client on Upwork

Fantastic job - thank you! I'm placing a follow-up project right away!

by James Manktelow (CEO)

 Technology used for these clients

  • JEE 7 hosted on IBM WebSphere (using Message Driven Beans, JAXB, JPQL, EJB's)
  • SonarLint and SonarQube (code quality checks), Maven
  • IBM Product to render front end platform. Including occasional JavaScript and CSS3 customization to produce required UI components to satisfy UX designs).
  • Objective-C iOS development
  • Universal App for iPhone and iPad
  • XCode.
  • PHP 4
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • Java for Android version
  • Apple push notification interface using PHP as a cron job.
  • Google push notification interface using PHP as cron job.

Marius Conradie
A freelance full stack web developer and solutions architect based in Johannesburg, South Africa.